Does Target Sell Butane in 2023? (We Surveyed)

 Does Target Sell Butane?
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Have you ever found yourself in need of butane for your camping stove, lighter, or other household items and wondered where to buy it? You’re not alone! Many people are curious about where to find this versatile and essential fuel.

One popular destination for a wide range of products is Target. But does this store sell butane?

In this friendly guide, we’ll explore the answer to this question, diving deep into the world of butane offerings at this store.

So, buckle up and join us on this exciting investigative journey, and by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly where to go for your butane needs. Let’s get started!

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Target as a Retail Giant

Target Corporation, founded in 1902 as Dayton’s Dry Goods Company, has grown to become one of the largest retail chains in the United States. With over 1,900 stores across the country, this store is known for its wide range of products, from clothing and electronics to home goods and groceries.

As a retail giant, the store continually seeks to provide its customers with a convenient and satisfying shopping experience. This includes offering an extensive selection of products at competitive prices, as well as maintaining a strong commitment to customer service. In this article, we’ll explore whether butane is among the many products available.

Butane Availability at Target

To determine if Target sells butane, we’ve conducted a thorough investigation that includes browsing their official website, visiting local stores, and reaching out to customer service representatives for insights.

A. Investigation of Their Official Website and Product Listings

We began our investigation by searching for butane-related products on official website. This included looking for butane canisters, butane lighters, and butane-fueled devices like portable stoves and torches. We also checked if there were any mentions of butane availability in the product descriptions or customer reviews.

B. In-Store Research: Visiting Local Target Stores

In addition to online research, we visited several Target locations to get a first-hand look at their butane offerings. We checked various departments, including the outdoor and camping section, the hardware aisle, and the automotive department. We also kept an eye out for any signage that might indicate the presence of butane products.

C. Customer Service Inquiries: Asking Target Employees and Contacting their Support Hotline

Lastly, we reached out to their employees at the stores we visited and contacted their support hotline to gather more information about butane availability. We inquired about the types of butane products they carry, if any, and asked for assistance in locating them within the store.

Results of the Investigation

After conducting our investigation, we can now provide a clear and comprehensive answer to the question, “Does Target sell butane?”

A. Online Findings: Butane-Related Products on the Website

Our online search revealed that this store does carry some butane-related products, such as butane lighters and butane-fueled devices like portable stoves and torches. However, we did not find any butane canisters listed on their website.

B. In-Store Findings: Availability of Butane Products at Physical Locations

During our in-store visits, we discovered that the availability of butane products can vary between locations. Some stores had butane lighters and butane-fueled devices, while others did not. We also found that, in general, Target stores do not carry butane canisters.

C. Customer Service Insights: Information Provided by Representatives

The employees and customer service representatives confirmed our findings. They informed us that while some stores may carry butane lighters and butane-fueled devices, it is relatively uncommon for store locations to stock butane canisters. They suggested checking with individual stores for availability or considering alternative retailers for butane canisters.

Alternative Retailers for Butane Purchases

If you are unable to find butane at your local Target or would like to explore other options, there are several alternative retailers where you can purchase butane products.

A. Hardware Stores: Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware

Hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware often carry a variety of butane products, including butane canisters, lighters, and fuel-powered devices. These stores typically have knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right product for your needs.

B. Outdoor and Camping Stores: REI, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops

Outdoor and camping stores like REI, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops are also excellent sources for butane products. These stores cater to outdoor enthusiasts and often have a wide selection of camping and cooking equipment, including butane canisters, stoves, and lighters.

C. Online Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, and

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart offer the convenience of shopping from home and can provide a vast selection of butane products. Be sure to read product descriptions and customer reviews carefully to ensure you are purchasing the right butane product for your needs. Additionally, always choose reputable sellers and prioritize buying from those with high customer ratings.

Safety Precautions and Proper Handling of Butane

When purchasing and using butane, it is crucial to prioritize safety and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A. Importance of Following Manufacturer Guidelines

Always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your butane product. This will ensure the safe and proper use of the product, as well as help to prevent accidents or damage.

B. Storage and Handling Best Practices

Store butane canisters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and open flames. Keep them out of reach of children and pets. When handling butane, avoid inhaling the fumes and use caution to prevent spills or leaks.

C. Recommendations for Butane Usage in Various Applications

Different butane applications may require specific types or grades of butane. Be sure to use the appropriate butane product for your specific device or application. For example, butane intended for lighters may not be suitable for camping stoves or torches. Always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper type of butane to use.

How to Find Nearest Target Store in Your Area

If you’re looking for a convenient way to shop for a wide range of products, this store is often the go-to retail destination. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of finding the nearest store in your area using various methods. Let’s get started!

Use the Store Locator

The easiest and most accurate way to find the nearest store is by using their official Store Locator tool. Here’s how:

  • Enter your location details: You can either type your city, state, or ZIP code in the search box or click the “Use My Location” button to allow the website to access your current location automatically.
  • Browse the search results: The Store Locator will display a list of nearby stores, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and store hours. You can click on individual store names to view more details, such as available services and departments, directions, and even weekly ad promotions.

Use Google Maps

Another method to find the nearest store is by using Google Maps. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Google Maps website or open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
  • Type “Target” in the search bar and press Enter or click the search button.
  • Google Maps will display a map with store locations marked with red pins. You can click on individual pins to view store details, such as the address, phone number, store hours, and customer reviews.
  • To get directions to a specific store, click on “Directions” and enter your starting point.

Use Target’s Mobile App

If you prefer using your smartphone, you can download the mobile app to find the nearest store. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to use the app:

  • Download and install the Target app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and create an account or sign in if you already have one.
  • Tap the “Stores” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can either enter your location details manually or tap “Find Stores Near Me” to allow the app to access your current location.
  • The app will display a list of nearby stores, along with their addresses and store hours. Tap on a store to view more details and get directions.

Call Customer Service

If you prefer speaking to a representative, you can call customer service to inquire about the nearest store location. The customer service number is 1-800-440-0680. Be prepared to provide your city, state, or ZIP code, and the representative will help you locate the closest store.

By using one or more of these methods, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the nearest store in your area. Happy shopping!


Our investigation revealed that Target does carry some butane-related products, such as butane lighters and butane-fueled devices. However, it is relatively uncommon for Target stores to stock butane canisters.

To ensure you find the butane products you need, consider visiting alternative retailers such as hardware stores, outdoor and camping stores, or online marketplaces.

As you venture out to purchase butane, remember to prioritize safety by following the manufacturer’s guidelines and handling butane with care. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision about where to buy butane. Good luck on your shopping journey, and stay safe!

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