BJ’s Propane Refill Cost in 2023 (How to Save Cash)

BJ's Propane Refill Cost
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As the cost of propane continues to rise, many people are wondering how much it will cost to refill their propane tanks in 2023. Here at this store, they got you covered. Their team has put together a list of the average prices for propane refills in this year, so you can budget accordingly.

On average, a 20-pound propane tank will cost $22.50 to refill. This is an increase of $2.50 from the average cost of a refill in 2021. For a 100-pound propane tank, the average refill cost will be $112.50 in 2023 an increase of $10 from the average cost in 2021.As the cost of propane continues to rise, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure to budget for the increased costs of propane refills when planning your expenses for 2023.

To compare prices, here are the cost to refill in other retailers:

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Can I Refill My Propane Tank at BJ’s?

You can absolutely refill your propane tank at BJ’s! In fact, this store has a wide selection of propane tanks to choose from, and our prices are very competitive. Plus, the store offer a convenient online ordering system so you can get your propane tank refilled without even having to leave your house.

BJ’s offers a cheaper price for members who refill their propane tanks. This is a great option for those who want to save money on their propane costs.

Most people don’t know that BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a propane tank refill service. This is a great benefit for members, as it can save them money on their propane costs. The process is simple: just bring your empty propane tank to the customer service desk and they will gladly refill it for you.

The cost is only $5.99 per gallon depending on the location, which is much cheaper than buying a new tank or filling it at a gas station. There are a few things to keep in mind when using this service. First, the tanks must be clean and free of any dirt or debris. Second, you should have your receipt from BJ’s handy in case there is any problem with the refill.

Overall, this is a great benefit for BJ’s members and can help save them money on their propane costs. If you have an empty tank, be sure to take advantage of this helpful service.

The Propane Refill Process

Refilling a propane tank at BJ’s isn’t just a simple transaction; it’s an assurance of safety, quality, and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the propane game, BJ’s has made the refill process streamlined and straightforward. Below, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to refill your propane tank at BJ’s.

1. Check Tank for Eligibility

Before anything else, the first step is to ensure your tank is eligible for a refill:

  • Expiry Date: All tanks have a manufacturing or re-certification date stamped on them. Typically, tanks are good for 12 years from the date of manufacture. After this period, they must be re-certified or replaced.
  • Physical Condition: Check for rust, dents, or other visible damages. Tanks with excessive wear and tear might be rejected.

2. Pre-payment Process

Upon reaching the refill station:

  • Head to the designated payment area. This might be a kiosk or the main checkout lanes.
  • Declare the size of your tank (usually measured in pounds, e.g., 20 lbs) to the cashier.
  • Make your payment. BJ’s members might enjoy special rates or discounts, so always have your membership card handy!

3. Safe Detachment of Empty Tanks

Safety is paramount when handling propane:

  • Turn off any valves on the tank.
  • Ensure the tank is securely placed in a cart or stable surface.
  • If you’re unsure about detaching any connections, don’t hesitate to ask BJ’s staff for assistance.

4. Refilling the Tank

Now, the main event:

  • A trained BJ’s staff member will handle the refill process.
  • They’ll connect your tank to their supply, ensuring a secure fit.
  • The tank is filled, making sure not to overfill it. Typically, tanks are filled up to 80% to allow for propane expansion.

5. Reattachment and Safety Checks

Before you’re good to go:

  • The BJ’s staff member will disconnect your tank from their supply.
  • They’ll perform a leak check using a specialized solution to ensure there are no issues with the valve or the connection.
  • Once all checks are passed, you can safely reattach any necessary connections to your tank.

Refilling your propane tank at BJ’s is not just about the convenience but also the assurance that you’re getting a safe and quality service. Whether you’re gearing up for a BBQ weekend or need fuel for home heating, trust BJ’s to get you filled up and on your way. Safe grilling and heating to all!

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What Size Propane Tanks Can the Club Fill?

This store offers a variety of propane tank sizes for members to choose from. The most common size tank that BJ’s fills is the 20-pound propane tank. This size is perfect for most households that use propane for grilling, heating, or other general uses.

BJ’s also offers a 30-pound propane tank option for members who require a larger capacity tank. This size is often used by businesses or households that use propane on a regular basis. For example, some members who have an outdoor pool heater may prefer this size tank.

The final size option that BJ’s offers is the 100-pound propane tank. This massive tank is typically used by commercial businesses, such as restaurants or construction companies. The 100-pound propane tank can also be used by large households that consume a lot of propane on a regular basis.

Does BJ Club Near Me Sell Propane?

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a wide variety of products and services, including propane. Propane is a versatile fuel that can be used for grilling, camping, and home heating. The Club offers a variety of propane-powered products, including grills, heaters, and generators. Propane is also available for purchase in bulk at BJ’s Wholesale Club locations.

If you’re not sure whether your local BJ’s sells propane, the best way to find out is to call the store and ask. The customer service representative will be able to tell you whether propane is sold at that location.

It’s also a good idea to check the store’s website or online flyer to see if propane is listed as an available product. If it is, you’ll usually find it in the section for outdoor living or grilling supplies. However, keep in mind that not all BJ’s locations carry propane, so it’s always best to call ahead before making a special trip.

How Much Does Propane Cost in 2023

The price of propane in this store is very reasonable. They have a wide variety of sizes and types of propane tanks to choose from and the prices are very competitive. They also offer a delivery service which is very convenient.

As the weather gets colder, many people are turning to propane to heat their homes. If you’re looking for a good deal on propane, this store is a great place to check.

This retailer offers a variety of propane-related products at competitive prices. For example, a 20-pound tank of propane currently costs $29.99 at this retailer. That’s about half the price of what you would pay at most other retailers.

In addition to propane tanks, this retailer also sells a variety of other propane-related products, such as heaters, grills, and fire pits. So if you’re in the market for any kind of propane-related product, BJ’s Wholesale Club is definitely worth checking out.

Do You Need to Be a Member to Avail the Cheapest Propane Price

This retailer has the cheapest price of propane in the market today.

You don’t need to be a member of the Club to avail the cheapest propane price. You can find cheaper prices for propane elsewhere. However, does offer a few benefits that may make it worth your while to become a member.

For example, BJ’s offers a price match guarantee, so if you find a lower price for propane elsewhere, the store will match it. This retailer also offers free shipping on orders over $25, so if you’re planning on buying a lot of propane, it may be worth it to become a member and take advantage of this benefit.

Can I Fill Propane from the Club Without a Membership?

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a wide variety of services for members, including propane refills. Non-members can also fill up their propane tanks, but they’ll have to pay a slightly higher price per gallon. So, if you’re not a member of the Club, you can still fill your propane tank there, but it may be cheaper to do so at another location.

The Store’s Policy

The Club offers a wide variety of propane tank sizes to choose from. They also offer a propane refill service that is quick, easy, and affordable.

Here are the details of store’s propane refill policy:

BJ’s Wholesale Club members can bring in any size propane tank to be refilled.-Non-members can also use this service, but will need to pay a small fee.

The propane refill service is available during regular store hours.-Propane tanks must be brought to the customer service desk in order to be refilled.-After the tank is filled, a receipt will be issued and must be kept with the propane tank at all times.

This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.

How to Save Money

If you’re like most people, you use propane to fuel your barbecue grill. Chances are good that you don’t give much thought to the price of propane or how to save money on it. However, if you’re interested in saving money, there are a few things you can do to keep your costs down.

1. Compare Prices:

  • Shop around between suppliers.
  • Check for membership or bulk discounts.

2. Refill, Don’t Exchange:

  • Refilling your tank often costs less than exchanging for a pre-filled one.

3. Time Your Refills:

  • Buy during off-peak seasons or when prices are low.

4. Monitor Propane Use:

  • Ensure devices using propane are efficient and leak-free.
  • Only use the necessary amount.

5. Tank Maintenance:

  • Store in a cool, dry place and check for damages to avoid replacements.

6. Look for Deals:

  • Watch for promotions, coupons, or rebate offers.

7. Consider a Larger Tank:

  • Bigger tanks can sometimes mean savings per gallon.

8. Group Buying:

  • Combine purchases with neighbors or friends for discounts.

By staying informed and making strategic decisions, you can effectively reduce your propane refill expenses.

Why Does BJ’s Propane Refill Price Change?

Propane is used a lot, especially for grilling or heating homes. BJ’s Wholesale Club fills propane tanks. The price to fill a tank can change for a few reasons. Let’s look at these reasons:

Different Times of the Year

  • Busy Times: In summer, many people grill. So, they need more propane. In winter, some people use propane to heat their – homes. When more people want propane, the price can go up.

Different Places Have Different Prices

  • Moving Propane: If a store is far from where propane comes from, it might cost more to bring it to the store. This can make the price go up.
  • Rules and Extra Costs: Some places have special rules or extra costs for selling propane. This can change the price.
  • Other Stores: If there are many stores selling propane nearby, the price might be lower. If BJ’s is the only store, the price might be higher.

Size of the Tank

  • Big vs. Small Tanks: Propane tanks come in different sizes. A bigger tank needs more propane, so it costs more to fill. But sometimes, filling a big tank can be a better deal.
  • Swap or Refill: You can swap an empty tank for a full one. This is quick but might cost more than just filling the tank you have.

Comparing BJ’s Propane Refill Cost to Competitors

Categories BJ’s Wholesale Club Competitors
Price Differences – Often offers good prices for propane refills.
– Special deals or offers for members.
– Some might have higher or lower prices.
Tank Checks – Checks tanks for safety. – May or may not offer this service.
Speed of Refills – Quick refill system. – Refill speed can vary.
Staff Assistance – Staff can help answer questions. – Assistance quality can vary between competitors.
Membership Benefits – Special offers or discounts for members. – May or may not offer membership discounts.

Commonly Encountered Issues and Questions

Partial Refills

Sometimes, when you refill a propane tank, it doesn’t get fully filled.

  • This can happen because: Filling a tank all the way can be dangerous. Propane needs space inside the tank.
    If there’s something wrong with the tank, it might not get fully filled to keep it safe.
  • Most times, you pay for the amount of propane you get. But some places might charge a set price, no matter how much you get.

Tank Expiry Dates

  • Every propane tank has a date on it. When this date passes, the tank shouldn’t be used anymore.
  • This date is important because Old tanks can become unsafe. Many places won’t fill a tank if it’s past this date. If your tank is old or past this date, it’s a good idea to get a new one.

Tank Condition

  • Propane tanks can get dents, rust, or other damage.
  • This is a concern because Tanks with damage can be unsafe. Many places won’t fill a tank if it looks damaged.
    If your tank looks damaged, it’s best to get a new one. Safety first!

In Case You Are Not Sure What To Do: Refill of Exchange, Watch This


This retailer has good prices for propane refills. They also help check tanks for safety. By knowing about things like busy times, where prices might change, or tank conditions, you can make smart choices. It’s always good to ask questions and be safe. With this store, you get both good prices and safe service.

Using propane is common for many people, and picking the right place to refill is important. BJ’s offers not just a good price, but they also make sure everything is safe and right. If you know a bit about how propane refills work, you can save money and avoid problems. So, next time you need a refill, think about all you’ve learned and remember that BJ’s is there to help.

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