How Much is Tractor Supply Propane Refill in 2024?

How Much is Tractor Supply Propane Refill

Tractor Supply propane refills are a great way to keep your tank full and save money. The process is simple and easy to do. Just bring your empty tank to the store, and they will refill it for you.

But wow much is Tractor Supply propane refill in 2023? This year has been very challenging for all of us.

In 2024, the cost to refill propane at Tractor Supply Company is approximately $3.79 to $4.15 per gallon. This pricing means that refilling a standard 20-pound propane tank, which holds about 4.7 gallons, would cost between $17.81 and $19.55, depending on the exact per-gallon price at your location. Tractor Supply refills tanks up to 100 pounds, and you only pay for the propane you need, without any additional fees​ (PropaneHQ)​.

This retailer is able to fill any tank size up to 100-lb capacity. This retailer refills by the gallon, and currently, as of this writing, the cost per gallon of propane is $4.15. But then again, propane prices fluctuate, so by the time you come to Tractor Supply, the cost to refill might be a little cheaper or higher.

What I like about this propane retailer is that you pay for the amount of gas refilled, there is no minimum limit to refill and they don’t charge extra for the additional service such as purging – if you go to other small retailers, you might be charged for this service.

How Propane Pricing Works for You

When you’re looking to refill your propane tank, you might wonder why the prices change or differ from one place to another. Let’s break down the main factors affecting the cost:

Seasonal Changes

  • Demand Swings: Think about winter when it’s cold. More people want propane to heat their homes, so the price might go up. In summer, when fewer people need it for heating, prices could drop or stabilize.
  • Supply Issues: If there’s a sudden surge in demand or any disruption, and suppliers can’t keep up, you might see prices spike.
  • Storing Costs: Suppliers have to store extra propane when not many people are buying. Sometimes, they pass this storage cost to you.

Where You Live Matters

  • Travel Distance: If you live far from where propane is made or stored, it might cost a bit more because of transportation charges.
  • Local Rules and Taxes: Your area might have specific rules or taxes related to propane. Higher taxes or strict rules can mean higher prices for you.
  • Competition: If there are many propane sellers near you, they might lower their prices to attract you. But if there’s only one supplier around, prices could be higher.

How Much You Buy

  • Bulk Benefits: Just like buying in bulk at a store can save you money, filling a bigger propane tank might cost less per gallon than a smaller one.
  • Service Fees: Some places might charge a fixed fee for refilling. If you’re refilling a large tank, this fee becomes a smaller part of your total cost.

Here’s How the Refill is Done

Here’s a quick and easy guide for you:

1. Find Your Store:

  • Check Tractor Supply’s online store locator or their app to find the closest location to you.

2. Bring Your Empty Tank:

  • Make sure the valve is shut tight.
  • Keep it upright while transporting, preferably in a spot with good airflow in your car.

3. Spot the Refill Station:

  • Once you arrive, look for the “Propane Refill Station” sign. It’s typically outside the main entrance.

4. Need Help? Just Ask:

If you’re unsure about anything, ask a store associate. They’re there to help you out.

  1. Pay Only for What You Need:
  • You’ll only be charged for the propane you need to fill your tank, not a flat fee.
  • The associate will tell you how much it costs after measuring the amount of propane added to your tank.

6. Transporting Your Filled Tank:

  • Keep your tank upright again on the way home.
  • Don’t leave it in a hot, closed car for too long.
  • Store it somewhere cool and airy when you get home.

Remember: Propane is flammable, so always handle it with care. Using it safely lets you enjoy its benefits without any worries.

What Determines the Cost of Your Propane Refill?

  1. Changes with the Seasons
  • Winter: When it’s cold, many people use propane to heat their homes. So, in winter, there’s a high demand for propane, and this can make it more expensive.
  • Summer BBQs: In the summer, many of you love barbecuing. Grills often use propane, so there’s a bit of a price bump during these months too.
  • Stored Propane: If stores don’t have much propane saved up for busy times, the price might go up.

2. Where You Live Matters

  • Getting Propane to You: If you live far from where propane is made, it might cost more to get it to your area. This added transport cost can mean you pay a bit more.
  • Local Popularity: In places where lots of people use propane, it might be pricier because of the high demand.
  • Local Rules: Sometimes, local rules or taxes can add to the price of propane.

3. The Size of Your Tank and How Empty It Is

  • Pay by the Gallon or a Set Price: Some places, like Tractor Supply, might charge you for each gallon you buy. This means if your tank is really empty, you’ll pay more. Others might just have one price, no matter how much or little you fill up.
  • Big Tank vs. Small Tank: There are big tanks and small tanks. Filling up a big one will cost more overall, but sometimes it’s cheaper per gallon than filling up a smaller one.
  • Extra Costs for Old Tanks: If your tank is old or needs a check-up, there might be some added costs. They’ll make sure it’s safe before filling it up.

Now you know the main things that can change the cost of refilling your propane. This can help you decide the best time and place to get your refill.

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Propane Refills

Full vs. Partial Refill

  • What You’re Really Paying For: Some people think they’re paying for the act of refilling, but that’s not true. You’re actually paying for the amount of propane you get. So, if you only fill up half your tank, you’re only paying for half. If you fill it up all the way, you’ll pay for a full tank. It’s about the propane, not the act of putting it in your tank.

Tank Expiry Dates

  • Why Tanks Have Expiry Dates: Just like food, propane tanks have expiry dates to keep you safe. Over time, tanks can get weak or damaged, and it’s risky to fill them.
  • What Happens if Your Tank’s Expired: If you bring an old tank to get refilled, they might not fill it. This is for safety reasons. If they do agree to fill it, they might charge you an extra fee to check it or to replace parts to make sure it’s safe.

Now that these misconceptions are cleared up, you can better understand what you’re paying for and why certain safety measures are in place when you refill your propane tank.

Comparing Tractor Supply Propane Prices to Other Places

1. A Quick Look at Prices

  • Tractor Supply’s Rates: They offer competitive rates for propane. Their prices often match or even beat many local competitors.
  • Other Retailers: While prices at other places might be a bit higher or lower, it’s always good to check current rates. But remember, the cost isn’t the only thing to think about when getting propane.

Your Other Choices:

2. Why This Retailer Might Be Your Best Choice

  • Consistent Quality: At this retailer, they make sure the propane is of top quality. That means it’s safe and burns well.
  • Locations Everywhere: You can find TSC stores in many places. That means it’s often easy and convenient to get to one.
  • Friendly Service: Many people love the helpful and friendly staff at TSC. They can answer questions and make sure you’re getting what you need.
  • Safety First: TSC takes safety seriously. They check tanks and make sure everything is safe when you get a refill.

So, while price is important, don’t forget about quality, convenience, and safety. TSC often ticks all these boxes, making it a great choice for many people.

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Saving Money on Propane at Tractor Supply

1. Special Deals

  • Deals for Seasons: Sometimes, Tractor Supply gives discounts when summer or winter is coming.
  • Sales on Special Days: Look out for deals on holidays or weekends. Propane might be cheaper then.

2.Earn Points and Get Discounts

  • Points for Buying: If TSC has a special club or program, you might get points when you buy propane. Save these points, and you might get a cheaper refill later.
  • Special Club Sales: If you join their club, you might hear about sales before others or get special prices.
  • Bring a Friend and Save: If you tell a friend about this retailer and they buy propane, both of you might get a discount.

3. How to Know About Deals

  • Get Emails: Tractor Supply might send you emails about sales. Sign up and stay informed.
  • Look Online: Visit their website to see if they have any sales or special offers.
  • Ask When You Visit: When you’re in the store, ask the people working there about any deals or how to save money.

So, at Tractor Supply, there are many ways to save on propane. Look out for these deals and enjoy the savings!

Tractor Supply Propane Refill Locations

This retailer offers propane refill locations across the United States. Customers can bring their own propane tank to be refilled, or purchase a new or exchange tank at the Tractor Supply location.

If you would like to find the nearest store near you, you can visit their website at this resource.

This company is very popular in the US and Canada, just like your favorite hardware store, they have stores in every corner of the country. You won’t be having a hard time finding a store closest to your location.

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Is Your Propane Tank Acceptable for Exchange

Tank Sizes Tractor Supply Co. Refills

There are many different sizes of propane tanks that Tractor Supply offers for refills. The most common sizes are the 20-pound, 30-pound, and 100-pound tanks. The 20-pound tank is the most popular size for home use. It is also the size that most RV’s use. The 30-pound tank is a good size for small businesses or farms. The 100-pound tank is the largest size that this retailer offers and is usually used for commercial purposes.

When you to one of their stores, make sure the tank you want to refill is not expired; Tractor Supply doesn’t recertify tanks; so you might have a hard time exchanging or refilling your tank – they would not accept your cylinder.

Will Tractor Supply refill Blue Rhino propane tanks?

Yes, Tractor Supply will refill Blue Rhino propane tanks as long as the tanks are in good condition and meet safety standards. Blue Rhino tanks are designed to be compatible with standard propane refill services. Just ensure that your tank is not expired or damaged before bringing it to the store for refilling. For more specific information, it’s a good idea to check with your local Tractor Supply store.

Avail the Tractor Supply Propane Coupons

Tractor Supply offers a variety of coupons for propane refills. The most common is the $5 off coupon, which can be found on the their website or in the company’s weekly ad. This coupon can be used for any size propane refill and can be redeemed at any location. Other coupons that have been offered in the past include a $10 off coupon for a minimum purchase of $50, and a $20 off coupon for a minimum purchase of $100. These coupons are typically valid for a limited time and may not be available at all locations.

Some of their stores also offer a propane exchange program for customers who need to refill their propane tanks. This program is convenient for customers who need to have their propane tanks refilled on a regular basis. The process is simple and easy to follow. Customers can bring their empty propane tank to any TSC store and exchange it for a full tank.

Which Propane Company is Best

If you’re trying to figure out which propane company is best, you’re not alone. Many people are in the same boat. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

The best propane company will depend on your individual needs. To find the best company for you, it is important to consider what you need from a propane supplier. Some factors you may want to consider include:

  • The price of propane
  • The location of the company
  • The customer service of the company
  • The reputation of the company

Once you have considered your individual needs, you can begin to research different propane companies. There are a few ways to do this research, including:

  • Asking family and friends for recommendations
  • Searching online for customer reviews
  • Calling the companies to ask questions

This company has an excellent reputation and offers competitive prices on propane. Additionally, this retailer makes it easy to refill your propane tank, which is a huge convenience. Based on these factors, do you believe that Tractor Supply is the best propane company?

After you have gathered information about different propane companies, you can make an informed decision about which company is best for you.

Myths About Propane Companies

There are a few myths when it comes to propane companies. The first is that the bigger the company, the better they are. This is not always the case. There are many great small and medium-sized propane companies that can offer just as good or better service than the big guys.

The second myth is that the cheapest company is the best. Again, this is not always the case. Many propane companies offer great discounts and specials. It is important to compare prices, but also to look at the quality of service and the reputation of the company.

The third myth is that all propane companies are the same. This could not be further from the truth. Each propane company has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to find a company that is a good fit for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane Refills at This Retailer

  1. How do I know if my tank is eligible for a refill?

Answer: Check the date on your tank. Tanks have an expiry date, and if it’s past that date, it might not be safe to refill. Also, look for any damage or rust. If you’re unsure, bring it to Tractor Supply, and they can help you check.

  1. What should I do if I suspect a leak in my propane tank?

Answer: Safety first! If you think there’s a leak, put the tank in an open area outside, away from flames or sparks. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Call TSC or another expert for advice.

  1. Can I get my propane tank refilled even if it’s not completely empty?

Answer: Yes, you can. You’ll just pay for the amount of propane you need. It doesn’t have to be completely empty to get a refill.

  1. What are the hours of operation for propane refills at Tractor Supply?

Answer: Hours can vary by location. It’s best to check with your local TSC store or look online to see when they’re open and offering propane refills.

5. Does Tractor Supply inspect propane tanks?

Answer: Tractor Supply inspects propane tanks before refilling them. This inspection process includes checking for damage, rust, leaks, and ensuring that the tank is within its certification period. If a tank is deemed unsafe, they may refuse to refill it. This ensures safety and compliance with regulations. For specific details, you can contact your local Tractor Supply store directly.


Tractor Supply’s propane refill services stand out for their convenience and competitive rates. While prices can vary by location and season, their widespread presence and consistent service make them a go-to choice for many propane users. Consumers should always compare local rates, but for a blend of value and reliability, Tractor Supply remains a top contender.

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