Choosing the Best Propane Company: Finding a Good Deal

Choosing the Best Propane Company

Propane is a popular source of heat and energy for many homes. It’s also a versatile source that can be used for multiple applications around the home. The demand for propane has increased in recent years, as people look for more affordable, reliable sources of energy.

If you’re thinking about getting a new propane dealer or switching suppliers, it’s important to research your options before signing on the dotted line – especially after last winter when there were not enough gas suppliers to go around. With so many options available today, finding the right dealer can be challenging.

There are several things you should keep in mind when searching for a reputable supplier, including cost, maintenance plans, delivery times and contract terms.

Here are some helpful tips to get started on your search for the right propane dealer or supplier:

Compare Prices and Contracts

to shop around and compare prices. You can also check with your city or county government to see if there are any local programs that offer reduced rates for propane.

When looking at contract terms, keep an eye out for any early termination fees. In many cases, suppliers will charge a fee if you cancel the contract before the agreed-upon date.

On top of the price, you should also consider other factors, including:

  • Availability: How quickly can they deliver fuel to you when you need it?
  • Customer service: How quickly and politely are issues addressed?
  • Payment options: What payment methods are offered?
  • Contract length: Are there any early termination penalties?

There should be transparency in pricing

1. Clear Billing: No Surprises

  • Say No to Hidden Fees:
    When you get your bill, what you see should be what you pay. Transparent companies will break down costs clearly, so you’re never caught off guard.
  • Understanding Your Bill:
    Your bill should be straightforward. If there are terms or charges you don’t understand, the company should be ready and willing to explain them to you.

2. Market-Driven Prices: Fair and Square

  • Riding the Market Wave:
    Like many commodities, propane prices can fluctuate based on market trends. A transparent company will adjust their prices according to these trends, and not just arbitrarily.
  • Open Communication:
    If prices are on the rise or set to drop, a good company will communicate this to you in advance. They’ll explain the reasons for price changes, so you’re always in the know.

Ask About Delivery Times

Depending on your location, it’s important to consider delivery times because you never know when you’re going out of propane in your tank. You’ll want to make sure that the propane company operates 24×7.

You can also keep an eye out for sudden changes in delivery times. If you notice a sudden spike in the amount of time it takes for fuel to be delivered, it may be an indication that there are issues with the prospective suppliers.

If you’re in a rural area, you may want to consider if a supplier has the ability and willingness to deliver in your remote area.

Two options you can opt into in terms of delivery are:

  • Automatic delivery – if your consumption is excessive and you don’t want to run out of gas, this option is perhaps the one you want to take.
  • As-Needed delivery – this is also called will-call your delivery. If you don’t have that much need for propane, such as if you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have that much consumption, this delivery option is what you want to opt into.

Ask About Maintenance Programs

When you’re dealing with a fuel source, maintenance is vital. If a problem arises with the tank, you need to be able to get it fixed quickly, as long repairs can cause serious disruptions for your home or business. On top of that, there are serious safety risks involved with working on an improperly maintained system.

For these reasons, it’s important to make sure the dealer you choose has a maintenance program in place. You can also choose to purchase maintenance services from a third-party company, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s done by a licensed contractor.

Ask About their Technician’s Professional Qualifications

The propane company or dealer must have a professional and qualified technician to do regular checks on the propane system.

The technician can be a qualified engineer or trained personnel who has been certified to inspect the system and identify potential problems. His job is to make sure that the system is safe for everyone in the building.

The company must be committed to providing customers with the best possible service. They want them to feel confident in their decision to choose the brand because they know that they are getting professional and qualified technicians who are capable of inspecting the customer’s propane systems.

Look for a Reputable Supplier

When you’re in the market for a propane company, you might be tempted to go with big names or national chains. But have you considered the power of local reputation and presence? Here’s why these should be top of your checklist:

1. Community Ties: More Than Just Business

  • Rooted in the Area:
    Companies with strong community ties aren’t just about business; they’re part of the local fabric. They know the area, the climate, and the unique needs of residents like you.
  • Personalized Service:
    A local presence often means more personalized service. You’re not just another account; you’re a neighbor. This can translate to quicker response times and more tailored solutions.

2. Local Reputation: The Word on the Street

  • Genuine Feedback:
    What are people saying locally? Word-of-mouth from friends, family, or neighbors can be more trustworthy than generic online reviews. A local company that’s been around has years, if not decades, of feedback to vouch for its services.
  • Accountability:
    A company with a strong local reputation has a lot at stake. They’re more likely to go the extra mile because they know their reputation in the community depends on it.
  • Long-term Client Stories:
    There’s a lot you can learn from clients who’ve stuck with a company for years. Their stories can give you insights into the company’s consistency, reliability, and how they handle challenges over time.

Choosing a propane company with a solid reputation and local presence isn’t just about getting fuel; it’s about building a relationship. It gives you peace of mind knowing you’re partnering with a trusted local name that truly understands your needs. Remember, local love and trust are hard-earned, so a good reputation speaks volumes.

Don’t Be Fooled by Ads

While propane is a great source of energy, it’s also a great way to make money. That means that many companies will use advertising to lure in customers.

Just because a company is advertising, it doesn’t mean that they’re reputable. In fact, many of the companies that advertise heavily are not reputable.

As you search for a propane dealer or supplier, be on the lookout for red flags. If you notice that a company is making promises that they can’t keep, or trying to lure in customers with false promises, don’t do business with them.

Check Out Reviews and Ratings

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can also check online reviews and ratings to help you determine which company is the best fit. Review sites can sometimes be misleading, as they are sometimes inundated by people with a bad experience, while a positive review may go unnoticed.

Still, they can be a helpful tool in your search. When checking reviews and ratings, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. It’s easy for customers to get frustrated and post a review before the situation has been resolved.

In many cases, a business will remain dedicated to resolving an issue once it’s been brought to their attention.

Ask Around

As you near the end of your search, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors. Ask if they have a preferred propane dealer or supplier that they work with.

If you want to choose a company that isn’t partnered with your utility, you can always ask around to see if anyone knows of a good company. Before you sign a contract with a new company, you should ask if they have the equipment and resources to service your account.

You’ll also want to make sure they have the ability to provide the amount of fuel your home or business needs. Existing customers are often the best resource when it comes to choosing a new source of fuel. With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to find the right dealer or supplier for your propane needs.

Affiliation with Industry Associations Matters When Choosing a Company

When you’re picking a propane company, you want the best. So, how can you tell which companies are top-tier? Look for their affiliations with industry associations. Here’s why it’s essential:

1. Why Industry Memberships Matter

  • Setting the Bar High:
    Companies affiliated with associations follow specific safety and service standards. That means you’re getting a company that knows its stuff.
  • Keeping Up-to-Date:
    These companies learn from the best in the industry. They attend workshops and events to stay updated, ensuring you benefit from the latest practices.
  • They Have a Voice:
    Affiliated companies help shape the industry’s future. They’re not just passive players; they actively engage in making things better for consumers like you.

2. Awards and Certifications: The Gold Stars

  • Proof of Excellence:
    Think of certifications as gold stars. They show the company’s met strict criteria and knows what they’re doing.
  • A Sign of Trust:
    Awards usually mean happy customers. If a company’s bagged some, it’s a sign they’ve delivered outstanding service.
  • They Keep Getting Better:
    To keep their certifications, these companies are regularly checked. This ensures they’re always at the top of their game for you.

Affiliations aren’t just badges; they’re indicators of quality. When choosing your propane company, consider their industry connections. It gives you a clearer picture of their dedication and expertise. After all, you deserve a company that’s not just good but great.

Customer Support: Why It’s Crucial in Your Propane Company Choice

Imagine facing an unexpected propane issue in the middle of a chilly night. It’s times like these when exceptional customer support shines. When considering a propane company, top-notch customer support should be a non-negotiable. Let’s explore why:

1. Rapid Response: When Time is of the Essence

  • Emergency Readiness:
    Emergencies don’t wait, and neither should you. A company that swiftly addresses urgent issues, whether it’s an outage or a leak, can make a world of difference in safety and peace of mind.
  • Effective Solutions:
    It’s not just about speed. The company should also offer effective solutions during emergencies, ensuring issues are thoroughly resolved, not just temporarily patched.

2. Round-the-Clock Support: Because Issues Don’t Keep Business Hours

  • 24/7 Availability:
    Whether it’s midnight or midday, you should have access to assistance whenever you need it. A company with 24/7 support lines shows they’re committed to being there for you at all times.
  • Knowledgeable Staff:
    When you call for help, you want answers. The support staff should not only be available but also knowledgeable. They should be equipped to guide you, answer queries, and address concerns competently.

Exceptional customer support isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. As you sift through your propane company options, prioritize those that showcase a commitment to outstanding support. Remember, the way a company treats its customers, especially in times of need, speaks volumes about its values and dedication. Always choose a company that places you, the customer, at the forefront of their service.

Finding a Propane Company That Fits Your Needs

When you’re scouting for a propane company, one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has unique needs, and a top-tier propane company understands this. Let’s delve into why customized service plans matter and how they can benefit you.

1. Flexible Delivery: On Your Terms

  • Your Schedule, Their Priority:
    Life’s hectic. Your propane delivery should fit around your schedule, not the other way around. A company offering flexible delivery understands and respects your time.
  • Adjustments Made Easy:
    Plans change, and your propane company should adapt. Whether you need to push a delivery date or move it up, the process should be hassle-free.

2. Budgeting and Pricing: Plans That Suit Your Wallet

  • Payment Plans for Every Budget:
    Money matters. With budget payment plans, you can spread out your propane costs over several months, making managing finances smoother.
  • Locking in Prices:
    The market is unpredictable. With price protection programs, you can lock in rates for a set period, ensuring you’re insulated from any unexpected price hikes.

A propane company that offers tailored service plans is essentially saying, “We see you, and we’re here to serve you in the best way possible.” Such customization means you’re not just another customer; you’re a valued partner. So, as you weigh your options, give extra points to those companies that are ready to adapt their services to meet your specific needs. A personalized touch can make all the difference in your overall satisfaction.

Propane Companies You Can Choose

The United States is home to several propane companies, from major producers to local distributors. These companies cater to the diverse needs of millions of Americans, offering services for home heating, cooking, and other energy requirements. Let’s delve into an overview of the prominent propane companies in the US and what they bring to the table.

a. AmeriGas:
One of the largest propane distributors in the US, AmeriGas services approximately 2 million customers in all 50 states.

b. Suburban Propane:
With over 90 years in the business, Suburban Propane is a major propane and fuel distributor serving residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

c. Ferrellgas:
This company has a presence in all 50 states and prides itself on delivering propane for multiple purposes, from home heating to fleet fueling.

d. Propane Exchange (Blue Rhino):
Primarily known for its propane tank exchange program, Blue Rhino has thousands of retail locations across the US.

1. What are Propane Companies?

Propane companies are businesses that specialize in the distribution and sale of propane gas. Their services typically encompass:

  • Propane production or sourcing
  • Storage and distribution
  • Retail sales to consumers
  • Maintenance and safety services

2. Types of Propane Companies

a. Major Producers:
These are large corporations involved in the extraction and refinement of propane, often as a byproduct of natural gas processing or crude oil refining.

b. Distributors:
Companies that purchase propane in bulk and distribute it to retailers or directly to large consumers.

c. Retailers:
Businesses that sell propane directly to end-users, be it homeowners, businesses, or farms. They often offer services like tank installation, delivery, and maintenance.

3. Services Offered

a. Delivery:
Many companies offer regular delivery services, ensuring that consumers have a steady supply.

b. Equipment and Installation:
From propane tanks to heaters and grills, companies often sell or lease equipment and provide installation services.

c. Safety Checks:
Routine inspections and maintenance services to ensure that propane systems are operating safely.

d. Customer Support:
Assistance for clients in case of queries, emergencies, or technical issues.


Choosing the right propane company is more than just finding a fuel provider; it’s about ensuring a seamless, safe, and efficient energy experience. As you sift through your options, prioritize companies that are transparent in their pricing and demonstrate a commitment to customer service.

Look for those that have tailored service plans to cater to your specific needs, from flexible delivery schedules to budget-friendly payment options. Moreover, consider the company’s local reputation, responsiveness to emergencies, and, of course, any safety protocols they have in place.

Remember, your choice will likely be a long-term partnership, so take your time, do thorough research, and align with a company that truly resonates with your values and requirements. In the end, the best propane company for you will offer a blend of reliability, affordability, and outstanding service.

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