Propane Refill in Maryland (Cost 2024 & How to Save)

Propane Refill in Maryland

The cost of propane refills in Maryland can vary based on several factors, including the current market price of propane, the location within the state, the volume of propane being purchased, and the specific policies of the propane supplier. While specific prices can fluctuate daily and by location, here are some general guidelines and factors that influence the cost:

Factors Influencing Propane Refill Costs

  1. Seasonal Demand: Prices can rise during winter due to higher demand for heating.
  2. Geographical Location: Remote areas might face higher prices due to transportation costs.
  3. Volume of Purchase: Buying in bulk often results in lower per-gallon prices.
  4. Supplier Policies: Some suppliers offer lower rates for automatic refill plans or for customers who lease tanks from them.

Average Cost Range

As of my last update, the average cost of propane in the United States fluctuated around $2.00 to $2.75 per gallon, but these prices can be higher in the winter months. In Maryland, given its seasonal weather patterns, prices can be on the higher end of the scale during peak heating season.

Estimated Price Range in Maryland

  • For residential propane, customers might see prices ranging from $2.50 to $4.00 per gallon during the peak heating season, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s important to note that these prices are estimates and can vary widely.

Tips for Getting the Best Price

  1. Compare Suppliers: Check prices from multiple suppliers in your area.
  2. Negotiate: Some suppliers may offer price matching or discounts for new customers.
  3. Pre-Buy or Lock-In Rates: If offered, securing a rate before the peak season can save money.
  4. Consider Delivery Fees: Some suppliers charge a delivery fee, which can affect the overall cost.

For the most accurate and current propane refill costs in Maryland, contacting local suppliers directly is the best approach. They can provide detailed pricing based on your specific needs, including the volume of propane you’re looking to purchase and any available customer loyalty or bulk-buying discounts.

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How to Save on Propane Refills in Maryland

Saving on propane refills in Maryland, as in many regions, requires a combination of strategic planning, informed purchasing decisions, and equipment management. Below, we explore various strategies under the categories you’ve outlined:

3.1 Planning and Timing

Best Times to Buy Propane (Off-Peak Seasons)

  • Off-Peak Purchasing: Propane prices tend to be lower during the spring and summer when demand is less. Planning your major refills during these months can lead to significant savings.
  • Monitoring Prices: Keeping an eye on propane prices throughout the year can help you buy when prices are lower, even outside the typical off-peak seasons.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance to Ensure Efficiency

  • Maintaining Efficiency: Regular maintenance of your propane appliances and your tank can ensure they operate efficiently, using less fuel.
  • Preventive Checks: Annual inspections by a professional can identify issues like leaks or inefficiencies that, when fixed, can reduce overall propane use.

3.2 Buying Strategies

Bulk Purchasing vs. As-Needed Refilling: Pros and Cons

  • Bulk Purchasing: Buying propane in larger quantities can often secure a lower price per gallon. This is ideal for users with larger storage capacities and predictable propane needs.
  • As-Needed Refilling: More suitable for those with limited storage or unpredictable propane usage. While more flexible, it may result in higher prices per gallon and potential delivery fees.

The Role of Long-Term Contracts in Locking in Lower Prices

  • Price Security: Some suppliers offer the option to lock in a price for a year or more, which can protect you from price spikes during high-demand periods.
  • Contract Considerations: Be aware of the terms, as there might be minimum purchase requirements or penalties for breaking the contract early.

3.3 Equipment Considerations

Investing in Efficient Propane Appliances

  • Energy Efficiency: Newer appliances have higher efficiency ratings, meaning they use less propane for the same output, leading to long-term savings.
  • Upgrade Benefits: Consider replacing old, inefficient appliances with newer models that use propane more efficiently.

The Impact of Tank Size on Refill Cost and Frequency

  • Larger Tanks: While a larger upfront investment, they allow for bulk purchasing, which can reduce the price per gallon.
  • Assessing Needs: Choose a tank size based on your annual usage, balancing the need for fewer refills with the cost savings of buying in bulk.

3.4 Supplier Comparison and Negotiation

Comparing Prices and Services from Different Suppliers

  • Multiple Quotes: Get quotes from several suppliers in your area to compare prices, delivery fees, and services.
  • Service Packages: Consider the value of additional services offered, such as automatic delivery, maintenance, and emergency services.

Negotiating Tactics for Better Rates

  • Leverage Quotes: Use quotes from competitors as leverage in negotiations with your current supplier.
  • Ask for Discounts: Inquire about any available discounts for new customers, loyalty, bulk purchases, or prepayments.
  • Contract Negotiation: If considering a long-term contract, negotiate the terms to suit your usage patterns best, including price, delivery schedules, and minimum purchase requirements.

Implementing these strategies can help Maryland residents reduce their propane refill costs while ensuring their energy needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively.

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The Propane Providers in Maryland

Company Name Address Phone Number
Suburban Propane 31 Derwood Cir, Rockville, MD 20850 1-301-251-0606
Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange 1751 Pulaski Hwy, Havre De Grace, MD 21078 (410) 939-0646
Tevis Propane 1618 Hanover Pike, Hampstead MD 410.705.2470
H.J Poist Gas Company 360 Main St., Laurel, MD 20707 (301) 264-6206
Great Valley Propane 16905 York Road, Monkton, MD 21111 (410) 598-4180
Ferrellgas 9023 Baltimore Rd, Frederick, MD 21701-6744 301-662-1531
Burch Propane Southern Maryland 01-373-2131
PepUP 3941 Federalsburg Hwy., Federalsburg, MD 21632 240-219-3491
Sharp Energy 1045 Dorsey Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 888-742-7740
Gray’s Gas 114 North Main Street, Greensboro, MD 21639 (410) 482-6551
Poore’s Propane 33852 Clay Road, Lewes, DE 19958 855-902-3274
Superior Plus Energy Services 307 W. Pulaski Highway, Elkton, MD 21921 410-392-9602
Taylor Gas Company Inc. 21434 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, MD 800-928-5089
MROHS Gas Inc. 4471 Crisfield Hwy., Crisfield, MD 21817 (410) 968-0252
Sharp Energy 5011 N. DuPont Hwy., Dover, DE 19901 888-742-7740
Southern States Cooperative 5841 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704-9420 (301)663-6168

Choosing a Propane Refill Provider

Picking a propane refill provider in Maryland might feel like a big task, but don’t worry, I’ve got some tips to help you out.

When you’re deciding on a provider, don’t just focus on the price. Sure, it matters, but it’s not the only thing. Check out where they’re located – a nearby provider could mean quicker service. Also, think about their service quality. Are they fast to respond to your refill needs? Can they help out in emergencies? These things can make a huge difference.

Reading reviews of propane providers can be super helpful. Some of the big names around here are AmeriGas, Suburban Propane, and ThompsonGas. They often get thumbs-up for reliable service. But remember, don’t just rely on their reputation – do your own digging and check out recent reviews to get the full picture.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of a reliable propane supplier. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a cold house because your supplier dropped the ball. A good supplier will keep your propane flowing regularly and be there when you need them most.

So, take it from me, spending some time to find the right propane refill provider can save you some headaches, ensure you’re never left without propane, and just make life a bit easier. It’s totally worth it.

Tips for Buying Propane

Getting to grips with propane refills can really help you make the most of your propane supply. Here’s some advice from one propane user to another:

Let’s talk about when to refill your propane tank. My rule of thumb? Get a refill when your tank’s about 20% full. If you wait too long, you might find yourself out of propane when you need it the most. And trust me, that’s not fun!

Keeping an eye on your propane levels is key. Most propane tanks have a gauge showing how much fuel is left. Get to know how to read this – it’s a game-changer. Regularly checking your levels can help you plan your refills like a pro.

Now, onto safety. When getting a refill, make sure your tank isn’t overfilled. Propane needs some space to do its thing. After the refill, do a quick check to make sure all valves are closed tight. No leaks, thank you! If you’re moving a filled tank, always keep it upright and don’t let it sit in your car too long.

When buying by the pound:

  • Verify the weight: Always ensure that the propane’s weight matches what’s being charged. Ask for a weighing if necessary.
  • Check the container: Ensure that the container is not damaged and doesn’t have any leaks.
  • Ask about minimum purchases: Some suppliers may require you to buy a minimum quantity when purchasing by the pound.

For all types of sales:

  • Compare prices: Prices can vary between suppliers. Make sure you’re getting a fair deal by comparing prices from different suppliers.
  • Understand the fees: Some suppliers may charge additional fees for services like delivery or installation. Ask about these fees upfront to avoid surprises.
  • Assess the service quality: The cheapest supplier might not always be the best option. Consider the quality of service and the supplier’s reputation when making your decision.
  • Consider bulk purchases: If you use a lot of propane, buying in bulk can save you money in the long run.
  • Think about safety: Propane can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Ensure your supplier adheres to all safety regulations and guidelines.

By following these tips, you can make a wise decision when purchasing propane. Always remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best, so consider all factors before making a decision.

Save Money by Refilling Your Propane Tank

Looking to save some cash on your propane? Opting to refill your tank instead of exchanging it can often be a savvy choice. Here’s my advice on how to cut costs with propane refills:

  • The Refill vs. Exchange Debate: Exchanging a propane tank may be quick and convenient, but did you know that refilling your existing one typically costs less? That’s because when you opt for an exchange, you’re not just paying for the propane but also the convenience of the service. Refilling, however, charges you only for the propane you need.
  • Full Tank, Full Value: When you refill your propane tank, ensure it’s filled to its maximum capacity. Exchanged tanks sometimes aren’t filled all the way, meaning you could be getting less propane than you’re paying for. So, when you go for a refill, ask your supplier to top it off.
  • Buy in Bulk: If you’re a regular propane user, you might want to think about buying more at once. Many suppliers offer discounts for larger refill quantities, meaning more savings for you.
  • Comparison Shop: Don’t just stick with the first price you see. Propane refill costs can differ from one supplier to another, so it pays to shop around and compare prices before settling on a supplier.
  • Take Care of Your Tank: Keep an eye on the condition of your tank. Regular check-ups can help you avoid leaks that could lead to wasted propane and unnecessary costs.
  • Off-Season Savings: The cost of propane can go up and down throughout the year. Try to time your refills for when demand is low, and prices are likely to be cheaper.

To Make a Conclusion

And there you have it, folks – your handy guide to propane refill in Maryland. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, getting a grip on this can make a world of difference. We’ve walked you through the local market, how refilling works, picking the right provider, and the rules you should know.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re in a great position to make smart decisions. And that means a smoother ride with your propane supplier, cost savings, and no unexpected disruptions. Regardless of whether you’re new to propane or an old hand, keep this guide close.

Now it’s over to you – time to apply what you’ve learned and make your propane journey an easier one. Don’t forget to share the love and pass this article on to anyone who might find it useful. By spreading the word, we can help more people understand the world of propane refills. Thanks for reading, and here’s to a hassle-free experience with propane!

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