How Much Does Propane Exchange Cost at Shaw’s in 2023

How much does propane tank exchange at Shaw's

Shaw’s, like many other major retailers, offers a propane exchange service, which is a convenient option for those looking to refill their grill tanks quickly. The base price for exchanging an empty propane tank for a full one at Shaw’s can vary, but as of 2023, it is typically in the range of $20.99 for a standard-size tank. It’s worth noting that this price might fluctuate depending on the store location and the season.

If you’ve ever wondered about what affects the cost of exchanging propane, especially at this store, here’s a little insight that might help you out:

A. Tank Size Matters:

Got a big tank or a small one? The size you’re looking to exchange will play a part in the price. Just like a large coffee costs more than a small one, different tank sizes come with different price tags.

B. Keeping Up with the Market:

Ever notice how gas prices can change from day to day? The same thing happens with propane. Global and local market changes can cause the price to fluctuate, so keep an eye on those signs at the pump!

C. It’s All About Timing:

You know how beach umbrellas are more expensive in the summer? Well, prices can act the same way, going up when everyone’s grilling in the summer or staying warm in the winter. Timing can make a difference in what you’ll pay.

D. Don’t Forget About Uncle Sam:

Different places have different rules, taxes, and regulations about selling propane. Depending on where you live, this might add a bit to the final price tag. It’s just one of those things to keep in mind!

E. Look Out for Deals at This Store:

Are you a savvy shopper? The store might have special deals, discounts, or loyalty perks that can save you some cash on your exchange. Keep an eye on those flyers or ask in-store. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

So there you have it, some friendly insights into the world of propane exchange. Whether you’re getting ready for a big barbecue or preparing for a chilly winter, understanding these factors can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Any additional fees or charges (if applicable):

While the exchange service is straightforward, customers should be aware of potential additional fees:

  • Tank Disposal Fee: If a tank does not meet current safety standards and cannot be refilled, there might be a small disposal fee.
  • Safety Check Fee: In some instances, there may be a minor fee for a comprehensive safety inspection of the tank being exchanged, ensuring it complies with all safety regulations.

Discounts or promotions that might affect the price:

Shaw’s occasionally offers discounts or promotions that can bring down the cost of propane exchange:

  • Membership or Loyalty Program: Shaw’s members might receive discounts or promotional offers from time to time.
  • Seasonal Sales: During certain times of the year, especially around major holidays like the 4th of July or Labor Day when grilling is popular, there might be discounts.
  • Bulk Purchase: If someone is looking to exchange multiple tanks at once, there might be a bulk discount available.

Operational costs including transportation, storage, and employee wages:

Operational costs play a significant role in determining the propane exchange price:

  • Transportation: The cost to transport propane to Shaw’s exchange locations can vary based on fuel prices, distance from the supply, and logistics factors.
  • Storage: Propane requires specific storage facilities, which come with associated costs for safety, maintenance, and rent.
  • Employee Wages: Proper handling of propane requires trained personnel. Ensuring that employees are well-compensated and trained can add to the operational costs.

How to Exchange Propane

So you’ve got an empty propane tank, and you’re eyeing that grill, thinking about all the tasty meals you could be making? No sweat! Here’s your easy-peasy guide to swapping out that propane tank. Trust me, it’s a breeze!

A. Let’s Trade: How to Swap Your Tank

  1. First, grab that empty tank and head over to your local store.
  2. Look for the exchange station—usually not too far from the doors.
  3. If you get stuck, just ask one of the friendly folks working there. They’ll point you in the right direction!
  4. Drop off your empty, pick up a full one, and you’re back in business!

B. Finding Your Way: Where to Make the Swap

  • Most of their stores are in on the game, so finding a location shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Can’t see the exchange spot? Ask an employee; they won’t bite!
  • If you’re a planner, give your local store a ring beforehand to make sure they’ve got what you need.

C. Cash, Card, or High-Five? How to Pay

  • You’ve got your new tank, now head to the checkout.
  • They’ll take credit, debit, or good old fashioned cash.
  • Got a Shaw’s card or a coupon lying around? Don’t forget to use it. Saving money feels pretty great, doesn’t it?

So there you go, swapping tank is as easy as flipping a burger. Now go fire up that grill and show those steaks who’s boss! And hey, if you’ve got any questions, just ask someone in the store—they’re there to help you out.

Comparison with Other Propane Exchange Services

A. Shaw’s vs. Other Providers: How Their Propane Exchange Costs Compare

  • Shaw’s is quite the hotspot, but how does it measure up to other places?
  • It might be a few bucks more here or a few less there; it really depends on where you’re shopping.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for deals and seasonal discounts, and don’t be afraid to compare. It’s your hard-earned money, after all!

B. The Good, the Bad, and the Grilled: Pros and Cons


  • Convenient locations? Check!
  • Easy process? Absolutely!
  • Friendly staff? You bet!


  • Maybe not always the cheapest game in town.
  • Selection might vary by location.
  • Remember, though, what might be a pro for you could be a con for someone else, and vice versa.

C. What the People Say: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • You don’t just have to take my word for it—lots of folks have chimed in about their propane experience.
  • Some love the convenience and friendly service; others might wish for better pricing or more options.
  • Check out reviews online or ask around. You never know who’s got a hot tip!

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the grilling game, Shaw’s could be your go-to, or maybe another spot fits your needs better. Either way, you’ve got the info, and now the choice is yours.

Tips for Saving on Propane Exchange

So, you’re all set to grill but want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on that propane exchange? Fear not, my budget-savvy friend. I’ve got some sizzling tips to help you save on that next tank, whether at this store or anywhere else. Let’s dive in:

A. Snag Those Deals: Taking Advantage of Promotions or Sales

  • Keep your eyes peeled for those special promotions or seasonal sales. You know the ones: “Buy this, get that!” or “Limited time only!”
  • Whether it’s Shaw’s or another spot, those deals are out there. Don’t be shy to ask in-store or check those weekly flyers. Your wallet will thank you!

B. Click Before You Buy: Comparing Prices Online

  • Got a smartphone? Use it to quickly compare prices right from the store.
  • Some websites and apps even do the heavy lifting for you, showing where the best prices are nearby.
  • A few clicks could save you a few bucks. Easy, right?

C. Be Loyal and Save: Utilizing Loyalty Programs or Membership Benefits (if available)

  • Got a Shaw’s card? Use it! Some stores have loyalty programs that reward you just for shopping there.
  • No card? No problem. Ask about it next time you’re in the store, and you might find some sweet savings are just a sign-up away.
  • Even if this store doesn’t have a loyalty program, other stores might. Worth a look!

So, whether you’re a deal-digging veteran or just starting your savings journey, these tips can help you snag that propane without breaking the bank. It’s like finding that perfect grill temperature: a little effort goes a long way. Now go out there, save some money, and grill up something delicious!

How to Find A Nearest Store

  1. Whip Out Your Smartphone or Computer: Got that device handy? Great, let’s find that store!
  2. Use a Search Engine: Just type “Nearest Shaw’s store” into your favorite search engine, and it should point you in the right direction. You can also add your city or zip code to narrow it down even further.
  3. Try Their Official Website: Head over to the store’s website, and look for a store locator or “Find a Store” option. Enter your zip code or address, and voilà! A list of the closest stores will pop up, complete with addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Use a Map App on Your Phone: Open up a map app like Google Maps, Search for “Shaw’s” and let it find the nearest location for you, it can even give you directions and tell you how long the drive will be!
  5. Old School? Give ‘Em a Call: If you prefer a more personal touch, look up the customer service number and give them a ring. They’ll be happy to point you to the nearest store.
  6. Ask a Friend or Neighbor: Sometimes, local knowledge is the best knowledge. Someone nearby might know just where to go!

To Make a Conclusion

So there you have it, dear grill lovers and adventurers! When it comes to exchanging your propane tank at Shaw’s, you now know all the ins and outs. From the standard cost of $20.99 for an exchange to $64.99 for a brand-new tank, you’re armed with the info you need.

But remember, it’s not just about the price. You’ve learned about factors that might influence that cost, how to go about making the exchange, comparisons with other services, savvy tips to save some cash, and even how to find your nearest store.

Whether you’re a weekend barbecuer or a daily grill master, Shaw’s makes propane exchange accessible and straightforward. So grab that tank, head on over, and let the delicious grilling begin. Your taste buds, friends, and family are ready for those sizzling delights. Happy grilling, and may your propane never run out at the worst moment!

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