Propane Delivery Company in Indiana (Price 2023, How to Save)

Propane delivery company in Indiana
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As a resident of Indiana, I know firsthand how crucial it is to have a reliable source of propane to keep our homes warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months. It is not just a fuel; it’s a lifeline that powers our furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and more. It’s the warmth that welcomes us home after a long day in the cold.

In this article, I want to share my insights into propane delivery in Indiana, a topic close to the hearts of many Hoosiers like me.

We’ll explore how propane delivery services work in the state, the different types of delivery options available, safety measures to ensure a worry-free experience, and essential tips to save money.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or considering propane for the first time, this guide will help you navigate the world of propane delivery and make informed decisions to keep your home snug and cozy throughout the year.

Let’s dive in and learn how to ensure warmth and comfort in our homes!

Propane Delivery Services in Indiana

Propane delivery is a key service for many homes and businesses. It’s how people get the fuel they need for heating, cooking, and other uses. Here’s how it works and what types there are:

  1. How Propane Delivery Works
    • It is delivered by truck. These trucks have big tanks filled with propane.
    • When you need propane, you call a supplier. They plan a delivery to your place.
    • The delivery person fills your tank. This tank is usually outside your house or business.
  2. Types of Delivery Services
    • Automatic Delivery: The company keeps track of your propane level. They deliver more before you run out. This is good so you don’t have to worry about calling for a refill.
    • Will-Call Delivery: You watch your own propane level. When it gets low, you call the company to ask for more. This gives you control, but you have to remember to check the tank.
  3. Safety Measures and Best Practices
    • Regular Inspections: Your propane system should be checked often. This makes sure everything is safe and works right.
    • Professional Installation and Maintenance: Always use experts for installing or fixing your propane system.
    • Know the Smell: It has a smell added so you can tell if there’s a leak. It smells like rotten eggs.
    • Emergency Plan: Know what to do if there’s a leak. This includes turning off the propane, leaving the area, and calling for help.
    • Keep the Area Clear: The area around your propane tank should be free from plants and debris. This is for safety and makes it easy for delivery.

Propane delivery is about getting you the fuel you need in a safe and convenient way. Whether you choose automatic or will-call delivery, safety is always the most important thing.

How to Choose a Propane Company

There are a few things to consider when choosing a propane company. Here are a few tips:

  • First, you’ll want to make sure the company is licensed and insured. This will protect you in case anything goes wrong.
  • Second, you’ll want to ask around for recommendations. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors to see who they use and if they’re happy with the service.
  • Third, you’ll want to compare prices. Get quotes from several companies and compare them side by side.
  • Finally, you’ll want to check the company’s reputation. Read online reviews and see what other people have to say about their experience with the company.

Other things to consider are:

  1. Factors to Consider
    • Price: Compare prices from different suppliers. Look for good deals but remember cheap isn’t always best.
    • Service Area: Make sure the supplier delivers to your area.
    • Customer Service: Good service is key. Look for a supplier who answers your questions and helps when you need it.
    • Delivery Options: Some suppliers offer automatic or will-call delivery. Choose what works for you.
    • Payment Plans: Some suppliers have different ways to pay. This can help you manage your budget.
    • Reputation and Reliability: A supplier with a good reputation is important. They should be known for reliable deliveries.
  2. Customer Reviews and Recommendations
    • Look at reviews online. See what other customers say about the suppliers.
    • Ask neighbors and friends. They can tell you about their experiences.
    • Check for any complaints or praises about service, delivery, and response times.

Choosing a supplier is about finding the best fit for you. Consider all these things to make a good choice. Remember, it’s not just about price. Service, reliability, and safety are also very important.

Take your time and consider all of these factors before making your decision. Choosing a propane company is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these tips to help you find the right company for your needs.

Propane Companies in the State of Indiana

Propane Delivery

Supplier Name Address Phone
Eudy Sales & Service 5131 S U.S Hwy 31, Columbus, IN 47201 (812) 372-3434
Shepard’s Gas & Appliance Center 1998 E. State Road 163, Clinton, IN 47842 765-832-6341
Ceres Co-op 2112 Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 765-362-6700
Lin-Gas Residential & Commercial Propane 406 S. Barker Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47712 812.424.9021
Lime City Propane 1820 N 350 E, Huntington, IN 46750 (260) 358-7977
Plymouth LP Gas 11699 Lincoln Highway, Plymouth, IN 46563 574-936-2431
Supplier Name Address Phone
Eudy Sales & Service 5131 S U.S Hwy 31, Columbus, IN 47201 (812) 372-3434
Shepard’s Gas & Appliance Center 1998 E. State Road 163, Clinton, IN 47842 765-832-6341
Ceres Co-op 2112 Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 765-362-6700
Lin-Gas Residential & Commercial Propane 406 S. Barker Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47712 812.424.9021
Lime City Propane 1820 N 350 E, Huntington, IN 46750 (260) 358-7977
Plymouth LP Gas 11699 Lincoln Highway, Plymouth, IN 46563 574-936-2431
Columbus Silgas, Inc. 1864 W. 550 N., Columbus, Indiana 47203 812-372-4469
Allied Appliances 8901 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46239 (317) 862-6618
Propane in Elwood Indiana 1411 Main Street, Elwood, IN 46036 (765) 203-1970
Carpeter Propane 309 N Grand Ave., Po Box 159, Ashley, IN 46705 260-587-3411
J.M. Reynolds Oil Company, Inc. 395 S. Huntington Street, Wabash, Indiana 46992
305 Wedcor Ave, Wabash, IN 46992
Shelby County CO-OP 2350 IN-44 Shelbyville, IN 46176 (317) 398-6655
MFA Oil Propane 8305 E. State Rd. 58, Odon IN 47562 812-636-7256
Ready Gas 8901 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46239 (317) 862-6618
Indy Propane, LLC 6980 W. US Hwy 36, Danville, IN 317.539.4656
Donahue Dri-Gas 7983 E 400 N Kokomo, IN 46901 (765) 628-7091
Apache Propane 1637 W Lancaster St, Bluffton, IN 46714 (260) 824-2722
Warford Silgas Serving Brown county and the surrounding counties 812-988-4373
Co-Alliance 770 North High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214 800 525-0272
Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc. 1555 McKinley Ave., Frankfort, IN 46041 (765) 654- 5935
Sebert Oil & Propane, Company Inc. 501 S. Broadway, Butler, IN 46721 (260) 868-2191
Sagamore Gas & Appliances Inc. 6551 W. Hickory Road, Colfax, IN 46035 (888) 463-5889
Southern Indiana Propane 2060 S. Lube Way, PO Box 806, Jasper, Indiana 47546 (812) 482-5341
LS Propane PO Box 216, Shelbyville, IN 46176 888-384-0204
CiderMill Propane 455 S 300 E, Columbia City, IN 46725 (260) 609-1417
Pearson’s of Delphi 2090 W. US Hwy 421, Delphi IN 46923 765-564-2142 / 800-564-2102
SynEnergy Partners Serving the Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Perry, Dubois, Pike, Gibson Counties (866-329-0081)
King Oil, Inc. 516 N Main Street, Walton, IN 46994
920 E. Jefferson St., Tipton, IN 46072
904 S. 725 W., Goldsmith, IN 46045
Honeyville Propane Inc. 9245 W 400 S, Topeka, IN 46571 (260) 593-2943
Overpeck Gas Company 226 East Guion Street, Marshall, IN 47859
213 3rd Street, Covington, IN 47932
(765) 597-2201
(765) 793-2501

Propane Refill

Supplier Name Address Phone
County Gas, LLC 2025 W. Industrial Park Drive, Bloomington, IN 47404 812-331-2270
Propane AutoGas LLC 2848 Highway US 6 Waterloo, IN 46793 (260) 570-6655
Ferrellgas 1750 W. Epler Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46217-9686
2111B Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville, IN 47933-3191
3325 S Western Ave, Marion, IN 46953-4202
11867 Lincoln Hwy, Plymouth, IN 46563-8684
575 Beck Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905-2908
3600 Brooks Dr, New Castle, IN 47362-8760
120 N Osmer, St Lucerne, IN 46950
3168 S Old Hwy 41, Vincennes, IN 47591
Gaile’s Propane P.O. Box 247, Morgantown, IN 46160 812-597-4451

How Much Does Propane Cost in Indiana

Propane prices in Indiana have been on the rise in recent years. The average cost of propane is $2.605 per gallon. This is lower than the national average. The price in this state has been decreasing compared to the previous year. The figure mentioned above is according to the 2023 Ychart report.

This is good news for consumers and businesses. There are several reasons for the decrease in prices. One reason is that the demand for the gas is down. The warm weather has reduced the demand for propane used to heat homes and businesses. Another reason is that there is more supply of gas available.

The increase in production of natural gas and oil has led to more propane being available on the market. The lower prices are expected to continue into the winter months, when the demand for propane typically increases. This will provide relief for consumers and businesses that use propane to heat their homes and businesses.

How to Save Money on Propane Delivery

Saving money on propane delivery involves a combination of smart purchasing, efficient usage, and regular maintenance. Here are some tips to help you reduce costs:

  1. Compare Prices and Shop Around
    • Get quotes from different suppliers in your area.
    • Don’t just look at the price per gallon; consider delivery fees and rental charges for tanks.
  2. Opt for a Pre-Buy or Price-Cap Plan
    • Some suppliers offer pre-buy plans, allowing you to purchase propane at a fixed price before the heating season.
    • Price-cap plans set a maximum price you’ll pay per gallon, which can protect you from price spikes.
  3. Improve Home Efficiency
    • Insulate your home to reduce heating needs.
    • Regularly service your appliances to ensure they are running efficiently.
    • Consider programmable thermostats to better control heating.
  4. Monitor Your Usage
    • Keep track of your usage to identify any unexpected increases, which could indicate a leak or an inefficiency in your system.
    • Adjust your usage habits if possible (like lowering the thermostat by a few degrees).
  5. Bulk Purchases and Group Discounts
    • Buying in bulk can often secure a lower price.
    • Check if your community has an association, that can negotiate lower prices for its members.
  6. Regular Maintenance
    • Regularly checking your propane system can prevent costly repairs and ensure efficient operation.
    • Clean and maintain your appliances to prolong their life and efficiency.
  7. Consider Automatic Delivery Services
    • While automatic delivery might seem more expensive, it ensures you never run out of propane, which can be more costly in the long run.
    • Some suppliers offer discounts for customers on automatic delivery schedules.
  8. Ask About Discounts and Loyalty Programs
    • Some companies offer discounts for seniors, military personnel, or long-term customers.
    • Loyalty programs can offer rewards or discounts over time.

By implementing these strategies, you can manage your costs more effectively and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best when it comes to safety and reliability.

Related Laws in Indiana

In Indiana, there are a few different laws that govern the use of propane. First, it is illegal to use propane in any way that creates a public nuisance. This means that you cannot use propane in a way that would cause unreasonable noise or disturb the peace. Additionally, it is against the law to use propane in a way that endangers public safety. This includes using the fuel in a way that could create a fire hazard or using the gas in an enclosed space.

If you are caught violating any of these laws, you could be subject to a fine or even jail time. Additionally, if you cause any damage as a result of your use, you could be held liable for the costs of repairs. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the laws governing use before using this fuel source.

Regulations and Safety Standards for Propane in Indiana

  1. State Regulations Regarding Propane Storage and Delivery
    • Permits and Licenses: Suppliers must obtain state-issued permits to store and deliver propane, ensuring they comply with legal standards.
    • Storage Regulations: Propane tanks must be installed at least 10 feet away from buildings and property lines for tanks up to 1,000 gallons. Larger tanks require greater distances. This reduces risk in case of leaks or fires.
    • Transportation Safety: It must be transported in DOT-approved tanks, following strict guidelines for pressure, temperature control, and vehicle maintenance.
    • Regular Inspections: Tanks and delivery equipment undergo annual inspections by certified professionals to ensure they are in good condition and safe to use.
  2. Safety Standards for Handling and Storing Propane
    • Installation: All propane systems must be installed by technicians certified, following guidelines for safe connections, pressure settings (typically around 10-15 pounds per square inch for home systems), and tank placement.
    • Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is required to prevent gas accumulation. Outdoor tanks should have clear space around them, and indoor appliances must be in well-ventilated areas.
    • Leak Checks: Professionals use pressure tests (maintaining tank pressure at 150 psi for 30 minutes) to detect leaks in the system.
    • Proper Equipment: Hoses and connectors must be rated for propane use, typically with working pressure ratings of 350 psi for hoses and fittings designed for flammable gas.
  3. Emergency Procedures and Safety Tips for Consumers
    • Know the Smell: It is odorized with Ethyl Mercaptan, which has a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs, to aid in leak detection.
    • Immediate Action: If a leak is suspected, evacuate the area immediately and contact emergency services or the supplier. Do not try to locate the leak yourself.
    • Regular Maintenance: Schedule annual inspections of your propane system. This includes checking tanks, connectors, and appliances for wear and tear.
    • Avoid DIY Repairs: Propane system repairs should only be done by qualified technicians to prevent accidents.
    • Educate Your Family: Teach family members about safety, like identifying the smell of gas, knowing the location of the gas main valve (usually near the tank), and understanding evacuation procedures.

Adherence to these detailed regulations and safety measures helps ensure the safe storage, handling, and use of propane, reducing risks associated with this energy source.

Automatic vs. Will-Call Propane Delivery

Automatic Delivery Will-Call Delivery
  • Convenience: Automated monitoring and scheduling.
  • No Run-Outs: Lower risk of running out of propane.
  • Peace of Mind: Useful in high usage periods like winter.
  • Control: Decide when to order propane.
  • Monitor Usage: Manage propane usage and costs actively.
  • Flexibility: Shop around for better prices.
  • Less Control: Less control over delivery timing and quantity.
  • Potentially Higher Costs: May receive more propane than needed.
  • Contract Requirements: Often comes with contracts or commitments.
  • Risk of Running Out: If you forget to check or delay ordering.
  • Requires Monitoring: Need to regularly check propane levels.
  • Possible Delays: Delays during peak times due to high demand.

Automatic delivery is about convenience and ensuring a steady supply, but it might cost a bit more and gives less control. Will-call delivery offers more control and potentially lower costs, but it requires active management and carries the risk of running out of propane. The best choice depends on your lifestyle, budget, and preference for managing household utilities.

Seasonal Considerations in Propane Delivery

In Indiana, the demand for propane changes with the seasons. Winter brings special challenges and higher use. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Challenges During Winter and Peak Usage Times
    • Higher Demand: In cold months, more people need propane for heating. This can make it harder to get deliveries quickly.
    • Bad Weather: Snow and ice can slow down deliveries. Trucks might have trouble reaching some places.
    • Supply Shortages: Sometimes, there’s not enough propane for everyone. This can happen when lots of people need it at the same time.
  2. Tips for Ensuring Timely Delivery
    • Plan Ahead: Order your propane before it gets very cold. Don’t wait until the last minute.
    • Keep a Buffer: Don’t let your tank get too low. Try to reorder when it’s at 30% full.
    • Consider Automatic Delivery: This service means the supplier watches your tank level. They deliver more before you run out.
    • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on the weather and news. This can help you plan your orders.
    • Clear Access: Make sure the path to your propane tank is clear. Remove snow and ice. This makes it easier for delivery trucks.
    • Be Flexible: Sometimes, you might have to wait a bit longer for your delivery. Having a buffer in your tank helps during these times.

Remember, winter can be a busy time for suppliers. Planning and staying informed can help you get your propane when you need it.

To Make a Conclusion

Propane delivery in Indiana is not just about receiving a fuel source; it’s about securing the warmth and comfort of our homes, especially during the cold winter months. As someone who relies on propane, I’ve come to appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that reliable delivery services provide.

We’ve explored the various aspects of delivery, from understanding the types of delivery services available, to prioritizing safety and adhering to regulations, to choosing the right supplier for your needs. We’ve also discussed ways to save money on delivery, ensuring that it remains an affordable and efficient option for heating and powering our homes.

These services play a vital role in the lives of many Indiana residents, ensuring that we have a steady supply of this versatile and essential fuel. So, whether you’re planning for the upcoming winter season or simply seeking a dependable energy source, remember that propane delivery in Indiana is here to keep your home warm, your water hot, and your cooking delicious.

As the cold weather approaches, let’s appreciate the dedicated suppliers who work diligently to make sure our homes stay cozy. With the right service and a focus on efficiency and safety, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home throughout the year in the great state of Indiana. Stay warm, stay safe, and embrace the comfort that delivery brings to our lives!

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